Giving Day 2022

Imagine Citizens Network, through our relationship with O’Brien Institute of Public Health at the University of Calgary, is inviting you to participate in Giving Day – our most significant donor campaign of the year. Your gift will go twice as far with the matching funds offered by the University.

Last year marked a turning point in our evolution. Since our inception seven years ago, we have been a volunteer powered organization. Last year we received a donation of $150,000 ($50,000 over three years) allowing us to begin to hire core staff.

In the coming year, we will continue to build our foundation (technology infrastructure, staffing and funding) as well as focus on two key initiatives:

  • Our Connecting for Impact program will partner ICN-trained “connectors” with community-embedded leaders to hold citizen conversations in rural and ethnocultural communities to: 1. uncover community knowledge, strengths, and needs, and 2. build health literacy, navigation and advocacy skills.
  • We are also aiming to build on our 2020 Outcomes that Matter to Albertans report by confirming the initial set of outcomes with a broad spectrum of Albertans and determining how to make them meaningful at a community level.

When you give between now and April 21, your gift can go twice as far — but only if you give early. All eligible gifts up to $2,500 will be matched, dollar for dollar, while matching funds last.

Last year we were focused on putting in place a foundation to go forward with our mission. We established technology infrastructure, new branding and new website, pursued funding opportunities and began to add core staff. Here are a few highlights of recent accomplishments:

  • Developed and prepared to launch the Connecting for Impact initiative mentioned above
  • Conducted citizen engagement (final report here) to understand experiences and challenges during the COVID pandemic and to reflect on those experiences through a supply chain lens.
  • Participated in working groups to develop the Declaration of Health Data Rights and Optimizing Virtual Care in Alberta report.
  • Partnered with the Cumming School of Medicine on their Precision Health program to embed person-centred care principles into their first course, paving the way for patient partnership in future courses in this new and innovative program.
  • Produced five digital stories to bring awareness to issues related to child and youth mental health, person-centred care and challenges with navigating our healthcare system.

Thank you for considering donating to Imagine Citizens Network.