iKNOW Health

The iKNOW Health program builds health literacy, knowledge, skills and confidence so people can better navigate and advocate for themselves when using Alberta’s health information and services.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations are our series of informal, online conversations where we bring Albertans together to discuss what matters most in healthcare. The experiences and ideas we hear are shared with the public and our community partners and help shape our understanding of the most current and important healthcare issues.

Community Health & Care

Healthy Albertans are created in our homes and communities. In collaboration with community partners, we are creating a provincial network of trusted community members who are supported to be connectors for health matters within their own community. This initiative is currently in the planning process. You can read more about our future ICN Connectors program in iKNOW Health.

Citizens for Digital Health

Citizens for Digital Health engages citizens in the digital transformation of healthcare now underway. We engage with citizens to understand what matters to them, to empower them by building their digital health literacy, and to connect them with digital health innovators to help shape future directions.

Child and Youth Mental Health

Our Child and Youth Mental Health Group is building a community of people to:

  • collectively call for prevention, early intervention and safe and responsive mental health care for young people,
  • advance our knowledge of programs and services that are most effective in lowering child and youth risk for mental health problems, and
  • promote programs and services that will address gaps in child and youth mental health prevention, early intervention and care.

Med Wise

Med Wise is a peer-led program for seniors to help them manage their medications and build their confidence and knowledge in communicating with their pharmacists.

Collaboration for Change

The Collaboration for Change Initiative is a coalition of organizations in Alberta are committed to improving primary health care through dialogue, mutual exploration, and citizen-centred action.


Imagine Citizens Network is a trusted forum for Albertans to have a voice in influencing change in the healthcare system. In addition to our informal Community Conversations, we also lead formal citizen engagement projects to amplify the citizen voice.