Child and Youth Mental Health Group

Real action for happier, healthier young people

Mental health problems can start as early as infancy and research shows that approximately 14% of children between ages 4 to 17 experience some kind of mental health challenges. There is a common belief that young children may outgrow mental health problems, but longitudinal studies show this is not the case. Depression and anxiety in young people are leading to increased hospital visits and admissions, as well as high rates of self-harm and suicide. Suicide rates in Alberta youth aged 10 to 24 years continue to exceed the national average. Yet, efforts to reverse this trend have been inadequate.

Members of ICN’s Child and Youth Mental Group are committed to improving child and youth mental health in Alberta. We “imagine” a future where our youth are mentally healthy, strong, and able to reach their full potential.

How Imagine Citizens Network is helping

We are here to give voice and action to the needs of our youth. Their need is great, but our community is strong and we can make positive things happen! Please join us to support and protect our youth.

We invite all citizens – including youth, parents, families and friends – to share their mental health knowledge and experiences. Join us in in our efforts to promote programs and services that will address gaps in prevention, early intervention and care.

This will help Imagine Citizens Network better support child and youth mental health initiatives in the community.

We are building a community of people to:

  • Collectively call for prevention, early intervention and safe and responsive mental health care for young people.
  • Advance our knowledge of programs and services that are most effective in lowering child and youth risk for mental health problems, and that are most
    responsive to those in need.
  • Promote programs and services that will address gaps in child and youth mental health prevention, early intervention and care.

Help us help our youth reach their fullest potential

We welcome you to join us!

If you would like to hear more, please contact us or follow us at #AreYOUthOkay. We would love to hear from you!