Community Conversations
Join us each month for an online meeting open to all Albertans as we discuss various aspects of our healthcare system. Covid-19, digital health, patient stories … There is always something to talk about so join the conversation.
Child and Youth Mental Health
We “imagine” a future where youth are mentally healthy, strong, and resilient. We invite everyone – including youth, parents, friends and families – to share their knowledge and mental health experiences. Join us in in our efforts to create a movement for upstream, proactive services that will support the mental well-being and resilience of our youth and ensure the broader health and wellbeing of our society. #AreYOUthOkay

Our vision is a health system intentionally designed in partnership between citizens and other stakeholders to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for all Albertans.

IMAGINE Citizens is an Alberta-based network of people and community-oriented partners that offers us, as health citizens, collaboration pathways to deliver person-centred healthcare.

Latest news

True Co-Design for Patient Guide

“I just assumed my family doctor was aware.” This is a common assumption amongst Albertans who have needed care outside of that received from their primary care physician. Unfortunately, this is often not the case due to a lack of continuity of information flow between hospitals and primary care providers. The good news is that a dynamic team of patients, the Patient Transitions Resources team, are working hard

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The Power of Storytelling

Amongst humans, storytelling has been a practice and an art for thousands of years. Early societies transferred their histories, aspects of their cultures and their knowledge to younger generations through stories, and some Indigenous peoples still do. Storytelling is also a powerful way to gain the attention of others; the life of the party is often a great storyteller, for example, as are some successful politicians and teachers.

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