For Citizens

Imagine Citizens Network believes in empowering citizens to manage their own healthcare journeys. Some of our programs have produced helpful resources which we’re sharing below.

Statement of Principles for Personal Health Information

Citizens have the right to their health information to manage their own healthcare experiences. Imagine Citizens Network in partnership with citizens and other organizations designed this statement to support citizens and to be used as a guide for continuous improvement in the healthcare system.

Healthcare 101: Healthcare basics for Albertans

This educational online guide developed in 2018 helps citizens understand Alberta’s health systems.

Healthcare in Alberta

What do we imagine the ideal system would look like?

A snapshot of the Alberta Health system


Tips for Being a Partner in Care

Families are more than visitors. Here are tips for patients and families.

Conversation Tips

This resource offers suggestions for patients and families to encourage family presence in healthcare settings.

Engaging Patients in Patient Safety: A Canadian Guide

The purpose of the guide is to help patients and families, providers and leaders work more effectively together to improve patient safety.

Patient Engagement Resource Hub

These tools and resources are intended to support patients, families and caregivers to play an active role in engaging effectively with health providers and organizations (e.g. participation as a patient-family advisor, sharing your story/experience and co-designing care on a quality improvement team).