Citizens for Digital Health

Citizens for Digital Health will put people at the centre of digital health innovation by making co-design frictionless. We will break down barriers to help create breakthrough change.

IMAGINE believes in co-design at every level and every aspect of the healthcare system.

By connecting digital health innovators with citizens they will be able to have conversations about the advantages, risks, and opportunities associated technologies that have the potential to enable improvements in outcomes and experiences for patients. Citizens will be able to learn about new ideas and innovations that could impact their healthcare experience and innovators will be able to get the feedback and insight from citizens that is critical to designing an effective solution.

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All it takes to join is your name, email and city/town.


We’ll send you opportunities to co-design with digital health innovators.


Bring your perspective and passion to future products and services.

Connecting with Digital Health Innovators

Mikata Health

Mikata is an early stage digital health company transforming the experience of going to the doctor’s office. They’re looking for patients, doctors and clinics to partner with to co-design their innovative chatbot app.

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Brightsquid Secure Communications

Brightsquid is looking for input on a personal health management hub that helps patients connect their entire healthcare team to accelerate treatment and increase access to care.

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We want to connect with citizens who want to help create the future of health.

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Doctors & Clinics

We want to connect with doctors and clinics who are interested in trying new technoology.

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We need digital health innovators and companies who agree that co-design is the right way forward.