Community Conversations

Community Conversations are our series of informal, online conversations where we bring Albertans together to discuss what matters most in healthcare. The experiences and ideas we hear are shared with the public and our community partners and help shape our understanding of the most current and important healthcare issues.

We are committed to an approach to citizen engagement and dialogue that emphasizes sharing, mutual respect, inclusion and reciprocity.  Through strategic, deliberative dialogue processes, we open the door to new perspectives and shared understanding. We believe that when citizens come together, share their knowledge and experiences they can help make our healthcare system the best it can be.

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Past Conversations

April 2021 – Talking Digital Health mapping

Imagine Citizens Network partnered with support from Alberta Innovates to host two important conversations about how to visualize why it is important to access Alberta’s publicly available digital health tools. One group of people from across rural locations in Alberta and a second group of youth who care about health in a digital world, met to inform us about how to present this information. Building on previously co-designed content, we are learning how to present critical information more visually to support digital health literacy.

November 2020 – Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Wings

Imagine Citizens Network partnered with our friends from Greg’s Wings for a virtual screening of Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story – a short film on Greg Price’s journey through the healthcare system that ended in his unexpected and tragic death. The film was followed by an open discussion with Teri and Dave Price including an exploration of the foundations of teamwork that can support positive healthcare journeys.

October 2020 – Talking Digital Health

Imagine Citizens Network hosted an interactive and engaging conversation exploring specific digital health tools available to Albertans. The discussion focused on experiences accessing and using the tools and gaps and opportunities around digital health. Forty-one participants from Alberta and other provinces provided their insights and hopes for an improved digital health experience.

September 2020 – COVID-19 & You

Twenty-five participants from across Alberta and beyond joined six facilitators from the Imagine Citizens Network to share stories of how Covid-19 has impacted their health and well-being or that of others they know. The interactive conversation also dug into citizens’ roles and opportunities to shape or contribute to decisions related to public health emergencies such as a pandemic.