Charlie Fischer In Memoriam

March 21, 1950 – June 17, 2020

Charlie was vice-chair of the Imagine Citizens Network Board, and his passion and presence was absolutely critical in the creation and accomplishments of the Imagine Citizens Network. Our launch in 2015 was catalyzed by Charlie as a result of his personal and family experiences in healthcare and his long-standing relationship with the University of Calgary and the Cumming School of Medicine.

Charlie was a tireless advocate for the things he believed in. He gained profile and influence in the oil and gas sector and used that credibility to build awareness and support for initiatives that would make a difference, often for people without power or privilege. His focus and actions have been centered around building a better community for all.

We are indeed honoured that Charlie’s family has chosen to direct donations in his memory to ICN, given Charlie’s extensive involvement in many community initiatives and leadership roles. The fact that his family has chosen to request donations to Imagine Citizens Network, in order to continue the work he began with us, speaks volumes about his deep and unwavering belief that all people living in Alberta should have the opportunity to be respected partners, both in their own health care, and in shaping the future of their health care system(s).

We deeply valued Charlie’s wisdom and we miss him dearly. We offer our sincere condolences to Charlie’s wife Joanne, his daughters Kate and Lindsay and all those who loved Charlie.

To make a donation in Charlie’s memory, please click here.