Collaborate with ICN to add your voice to Refocus Alberta’s Health System

Alberta’s health care system is transitioning to a unified health care system centred around four priority areas of focus. Your voice can play a role in shaping this change.

Here’s why you should get involved with the ICN engagement project.

  1. Stay Informed: Learn about the upcoming changes planned for Alberta’s health care system.
  2. Share Your Perspective: Your unique viewpoint can contribute to the design of our health care system. What matters most to you in terms of principles, actions, strategies and desired outcomes?

Answers to Your Questions

The government is creating a unified provincial health system with four specialized areas of focus managed by targeted health organizations: Primary Care, Acute Care, Continuing Care, and Mental Health and Addiction 

You can learn more about the Refocusing initiative and each organization through Alberta Health

Your voice can make a real difference. Discussions and planning for the Refocus are in progress, and your input can influence the outcome.

Alberta Health has specifically asked ICN to connect with people from all walks of life to gather opinions on the proposed principles for the overarching system and individual organizations. We’ll also take a deep dive into identifying key outcomes and strategies for each of the four new health organizations.

While ICN’s engagement work is being conducted in partnership with the Government of Alberta, it is unique from government-led efforts because these dialogues are more specific and will ultimately identify citizen-led principles that may help guide the system and the four organizations that it will be comprised of.

ICN has spearheaded many consultations with fellow Albertans on behalf of Alberta Health agencies. Previous engagement activities have been seen, heard, and recognized by health system leaders and are now reflected in various strategies supporting the system.

Recently ICN brought Albertans together to contribute their thoughts on the health system’s Modernizing Primary Health Care initiative (MAPS). A diverse group of people from across the province collaborated to identify citizen-oriented principles for primary health care. These principles were fully embraced by the MAPS Strategic Advisory Panel, prompting the government to enlist ICN to use a similar approach to facilitate engagement work for the Refocusing initiative.

It’s completely okay if you’re not well-versed on these planned changes. We’re arranging a 1 ½ hour online conversation where leaders from Alberta Health and people with lived experience in the system will delve into the change, how it will roll out, what the future landscape might look like, and what we need to pay attention to for success. Don’t worry if you can’t attend live – we’ll record and share the session, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

ICN will facilitate a 1 ½ hour online conversation, providing information about Alberta’s Refocus initiative. If you can’t attend live, a recording will be shared. Over the following weeks, participants will engage in two 1 ½ hour small group conversations, focusing on system and organizational principles, desired outcomes, strategies and actions. We’ll be conducting our work through February and early March.

By participating in the ICN engagement project, you not only stay informed about the planned changes to our health system, but you also can contribute to the development of a system and four core organizations that reflect the diverse voices and perspectives of Alberta’s communities.

ICN values and appreciates your time. Each participant will be provided with a $50 honorarium for each session attended. Honorariums will be provided at project completion.