Working Together – Groups & orgs


Groups & Organizations

There are many organizations tied to health in Alberta. Many of these also aim to improve the health system so that it focuses on the patient and works well for all Albertans. The burden of change doesn’t rest on any one party alone. Patient and citizen groups, health administrators, educational institutions, professional associations, health-related organizations and government all have a role to play.

Our goal is to connect with these organizations and groups and create a network working together towards a common vision.

If you are a representative of one of these groups or organizations and want to learn more about IMAGINE, email us at or fill out our contact us form.

Some examples of how we might work together.

  • Information sharing through citizen partnerships and research activities
  • Participation on projects and initiatives
  • Provide input to projects led by other groups
  • Plan and host an event together
  • Connect network partners together

We IMAGINE better health care in Alberta, let’s work together to make it happen.