Welcome to IMAGINE Volunteers!

Why volunteer with IMAGINE?
Receive all the benefits of being a part of the IMAGINE community, as well as:

  • a basic orientation to IMAGINE and the healthcare system
  • support to ensure your involvement with IMAGINE is meaningful
  • the ability to select from volunteer opportunities that are posted and sent directly to you
  • opportunities to network and share stories with like-minded individuals
  • the chance to build new skills and confidence and gain volunteer hours for your resume

In addition to volunteer opportunities throughout Alberta with IMAGINE, we will also share links to access volunteer opportunities throughout the country. These opportunities are administered and supported by other organizations with a goal similar to ours – improving our healthcare system by working with people like you.

Feel free to browse our current volunteer opportunities below.

If you would like to volunteer with IMAGINE and our partners, and be notified directly of opportunities, please click below:

[button type=”primary” size=”lg” link=”https://imaginecitizens.ca/volunteer-form”] Volunteer with IMAGINE[/button]

If you need more information about volunteering, or if you have questions or concerns about a particular opportunity, please contact us.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Healthcare 101 Project

Administrative Support

Communications Working Group

Grants & Revenue Generation Task Team

“Focusing on Success”: Primary Healthcare Results Path 

Volunteer Engagement Team