The critical role of patient engagement

We strongly believe that the experience patients and families have is extremely valuable and is needed to design a truly patient-centred health care system. IMAGINE wants to learn, share and work together so citizens-patients can be effective partners in shaping the health care system as well as being active partners in their own health care. To that end we are connecting with Albertans through regional meetings, our newsletters, social media and are working with our health system partners to take that bold next step in engaging patients to have a real impact on the design of the health care system.

“Patients are part of care team.” – An aha moment for one of the participants of IMAGINE’s regional meetings.

A recent article on the Healthy Debate website speaks to the growing focus on patient engagement across Canada and specifically on how to do patient engagement. Healthy Debate is a great place to go for factual, easy to understand information about Canada’s health system. Their intention is that providing unbiased information  will lead to thoughtful and informed opinions and a higher degree of involvement in the health system.