Staying Safe & Well: What’s Your COVID Experience?

IMAGINE Citizens is looking for people from across Canada to participate in a conversation about COVID-19. We want to understand your pandemic experiences and, together, talk about what you and those you care about need to stay safe and well, and why it matters.

What is IMAGINE?

IMAGINE is an Alberta-based, citizen-led group. We are patients, family members and carers. We collaborate with health care partners and policy-makers to be active and effective partners in shaping our health care system. We connect with citizens in Alberta and other provinces.

What is the opportunity and why participate?

By sharing your personal experiences and insights, you’ll help IMAGINE better understand and share what matters to citizens and, you’ll be adding a citizen or patient perspective to a program of research regarding our public health supply chain management during COVID.

IMAGINE always seeks to engage people about their health experience. Last year, we conducted a short survey, asking people about the kinds of COVID issues that they felt needed more public dialogue and input. We then connected with citizens to talk about their COVID experience and these survey findings. We’re building on that conversation and delving deeper into what we heard. Also, Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCANH) is undertaking a program of research to develop a framework to advance our country’s public health supply chain. IMAGINE is adding to the program by bringing your unique citizen experiences and perspectives to this work.

Can’t find the right mask? Trying to ensure your father in long-term care has the supplies he needs? Or, wondering when your daughter, a grocery worker, can get vaccinated? Whatever your situation, you don’t need to be a supply chain expert to join the conversation. You’re already an expert on your and your family’s wellbeing and needs!

Who can participate?

All members of the public from across Canada are welcome to participate.

If you would like to add your insights to the conversation, or if you are a patient, a family member or carer, or if you support someone in long-term care, we’d like to hear from you. We welcome and respect a diversity of backgrounds. Again, you don’t need to be a supply chain expert to join the conversation because you’re an expert on your and your family’s wellbeing and needs!

What is involved?

About 2.5 hours of your time

The engagement opportunity has two components. First, IMAGINE will conduct phone interviews with individual participants. Then, we will bring groups of participants together for discussions via interactive, online group conversations. Each participant will join in one group conversation. The interview and group conversation combined will take about 2.5 hours of your time.
Ideally, you will participate in both aspects of the engagement, but we understand if you prefer only an interview or group conversation. Upon registration, we will confirm your preferences.

When will it take place?

Interviews will be conducted from February 22nd to March 7th and group conversations will be from March 1 – 21st, 2021. We will provide a selection of dates and times for both interviews and conversations to accommodate your schedules.

Engagement Registration Form

IMAGINE is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals. The information provided below will not be shared with any other individuals or organizations.