Share Your COVID Story

IMAGINE Citizens and the COVID-19 Puzzle

IMAGINE members are not COVID-19 experts. To learn more see the resources at the end of this article.

But we know it takes all of us to prevent the spread of this virus and save lives. The realities of COVID-19 also have big impacts on how we experience and receive health care. While important pandemic measures must continue to contain the spread of the virus, we must come together now and start important conversations about how we can continue to stay healthy, safe and receive quality care during and after COVID-19. This is the COVID Puzzle.

The COVID Puzzle is an effort to personally manage the COVID-19 pandemic in our lives and to accept the critical part we each must play in solving this complex crisis collectively. So, we all hold a piece of the puzzle and must join our pieces together to solve it. We believe that by illustrating each other’s unique experiences and talents, we can keep important conversations going and help to create safer and healthier care experiences for all.

Share your story. Let’s have healthy conversations now!

IMAGINE Citizens members have started by sharing some personal stories that are being posted online. Each is a video showcasing our own COVID-19 puzzle piece. These videos are personal, touching, surprising, at times sorrowful, humorous, informative but always REAL.

Find our first videos on YouTube. We’re sharing them via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the hashtags #MyCOVIDPuzzlePiece and #IMAGINECitizens 

We invite you to join in and share your piece to show a snapshot of your realities during this pandemic!

How can I share my piece?

Use your most comfortable social media platform to express yourself. Share your own experience and thoughts in the times of COVID-19 in a photo, a drawing, a video, a poem or a song. Reach out to IMAGINE Citizens at if you have questions or need more ideas or to simply share your story with us in a more private setting. Remember the power of Art can change the world!

Tell your story about

  • What still matters to YOU while caring for yourself and the people you love
  • What keeps you up at night during the times of COVID-19
  • What makes you hopeful
  • Where do you feel we (people who use Alberta’s Health systems, Health Care Providers, Administrators, Friends and Family) can do better?

Collectively, we all hold a piece of the COVID-19 Puzzle – Share your piece with IMAGINE Citizens, and make a difference, NOW!

Post your video, poem, message on social media using the hashtags #MyCOVIDPuzzlePiece and #IMAGINECitizens and tag @IMAGINECitizens

Don’t feel like sharing your piece? No problem. You can listen and share!

We know it is not always easy to open up online. If you are not comfortable sharing your own story on social media we invite you to take a moment to read and listen the stories others have shared. Feel free to share them on social media and with others to keep the conversation going.

Additional reliable COVID-19 resources:

  1. Alberta’s COVID-19 Guidelines (Proper Handwashing, Testing, Physical Distancing, Social Connectedness etc.)
  2. Alberta Health
  3. Government of Canada
  4. Find other help (assistance) you need

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