“Focusing on Success”: Primary Healthcare Results Path

Volunteer Opportunity:

“Focusing on Success”: Primary Healthcare Results Path   


This is a small team that helps IMAGINE stay focused and specific about what we are trying to accomplish and assess progress towards our goals related to the patient/citizen experience of health care.

During a workshop in the summer of 2016 preliminary work was done with a consultant to create a ‘Results Path’ for key aspects of IMAGINE’s work, including primary healthcare. We would like to develop this tool further and use it to guide our work and assess our progress.

Experience and/or Eligibility:

  • Knowledge of performance measurement/management, logic models or similar tools/processes would be helpful
  • You should have a basic understanding of the Alberta healthcare system.
  • You must participate in an orientation to IMAGINE.
  • You need to commit to being available for 4 to 6 hours per month, and we appreciate a commitment of one year.

Volunteers Required:


IMAGINE: Citizens Collaborating for Health

IMAGINE is a citizen-led initiative. We focus on engaging Albertans (including patients, families and healthcare professionals) to work together to design an integrated, person-centered system that achieves the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients.


You may live anywhere in Alberta; teleconferences will be available for communication.


Reimbursement of expenses related to travel, parking, meals, etc. will be considered with pre-approval.


Open until filled.

Contact & RSVP:

If you are interested in this opportunity and have not signed up to volunteer with IMAGINE, visit our IMAGINE Volunteers page and indicate your interest in this opportunity on the sign-up form.

If you’re already signed up as a volunteer, please contact us.