Modernizing Our Primary Health Care System: Including a Patient-Citizen Voice

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Plans for primary health care system changes in Alberta are coming.

Let’s make sure citizens help shape the plans! 

Imagine Citizens Network (ICN) has an excellent opportunity for you to: 

  1. Learn about innovative primary health care system approaches  
  2. Share your opinion about what’s most important to you regarding changes to Alberta’s primary health care system. 

Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System (MAPS) is a significant Alberta Health initiative to identify primary health care improvements in the short term and over the next five to 10 years. MAPS has engaged Alberta primary health care leaders and national and global experts to identify immediate and long-term improvements to our primary health care system.  

So far, MAPS has not included the perspective of citizens – those living in Alberta who rely on the programs, services and care provided through community-based health and care. Fortunately, we have a chance to remedy that!  

The MAPS team recently asked ICN to speak to Albertans from all walks of life. Community members, patients and their caregivers (a.k.a anyone who lives in Alberta!) will have the opportunity to identify what’s most important when re-designing community-based health programs, services, and care. 

On the evening of January 5, 2023, ICN will host an informational webinar. You’ll learn about our primary health care system and experts will discuss innovations from across the globe. You will be invited to an online group conversation (hosted January 11-13) where we will seek your perspective on principles the MAPS team should consider in primary health care transformation. 

Albertans with experience and/or interest in community-based health and care (that covers all of us!) are invited to register for this project. There will be an honorarium of $75 for those that join us for both the webinar and a group conversation. 



What’s the primary health care system? 

Alberta Health defines it as the first point of contact Albertans have with the health system, typically in our communities – including with health professionals such as family doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and public health nurses. You can also view it as community-based health and care. 

What’s the MAPS initiative and where can I learn more? 

Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System (MAPS) is aimed at identifying immediate and long-term improvements to strengthen Alberta’s primary health care system. You can learn more here and here 

Why participate? 

This is a unique opportunity to add your voice to a process that will steer the future direction of Alberta’s primary health care. Plus, it’s a chance to learn from internationally recognized experts how our system works now and what innovative solutions to primary care exist beyond our borders. 

What’s involved? 

In early January ICN will host an informational webinar that will be about an hour long. It will provide the chance to listen and ask questions about primary health care locally and globally. You’ll then have background knowledge to support our group conversation where we will tap into your experience and insights to identify priorities. This group conversation will take 60 to 90 minutes. 

How is ICN involved in the MAPS initiative? 

ICN has been asked by the MAPS team to connect with people who live in Alberta. MAPS wants us to ask citizens what is most important to consider when it comes to the primary health care system. ICN will create a report based on what we learn from our shared conversations. We will share that report with the MAPS team that is comprised of leadership from the Ministry of Health, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, and other health advisors and leaders from across the province.