IMAGINE turns 1!

One year ago today, a group of like-minded patient, family and citizen champions partnered with the O’Brien Institute for Public Health to host a forum with the following aim – “We can do better in Alberta in improving the experience of health care, and the quality, safety and outcomes of our care”. The forum brought together visionary health care providers, educators, politicians and citizens and connected with more than 400 attendees, another 275 via our webcast
#2015ImagineProject conversation trended third on twitter. January 22, 2015 established a call to action where collaboration and conversations with individuals and organizations was seen as the only way that we can all bring about these changes. Since the launch, the commitment, leadership and work provided by IMAGINE’s Steering Committee and the many others who have connected with us has been essential in helping the team build the IMAGINE foundation. The support of the Health Quality Council of Alberta and the O’Brien Institute has beene ssential in our ability to create, collaborate and grow IMAGINE. The last year had many challenges but in the end we believe that together we can make  a difference. Thanks to everyone who has connected with IMAGINE and we are excited about what we will accomplish together in the years to come.