IMAGINE Pledges for Change Day

IMAGINE started with a group of individuals who had difficult experiences with the health care system and wanted it to be better. Change Day is about harnessing shared energy, creativity and enthusiasm to make positive change. Our vision is to have a health system that is designed, and care that is delivered, in partnership with citizens, achieving the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients. We believe that by working together we can make this happen.Change Day AB
One of the things that we appreciate about Change Day is the fact that anyone can pledge. We all have an impact on our health system whether it is through our day-to-day work, as a patient, as a patient’s family member or as a tax-paying citizen of Alberta. Change Day AB is an opportunity for all of us to stop and think about what change – big or small – we can make that will have a positive impact on our health care system.

We are excited to participate and IMAGINE, as well as each of our working groups, has pledged the following:

IMAGINE Citizens pledges to support the Better Together campaign by creating resources to help patients and family members encourage hospitals to adopt family presence policies.

Our Strategic Alliances working group pledges to work with health system leaders in Alberta to shape a health system that leads to better outcomes and experiences for patients and care providers.

Our Evidence Support working group pledges to tap into the wisdom of patients, families, and providers – so we can all help design a better healthcare system for the future.

Our Engaging Albertans working group pledges to support Albertans to become effective partners for change. We will host 10 meetings by June 30 to listen to Albertans who want improve our health system.

We hope that everyone will take a moment to contribute to this initiative and make their own pledge. Pledging is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your pledge and the required information
  3. Accept the terms & conditions and hit the “MAKE A PLEDGE” button