iKNOW Health – Working Principles

Working Principles
Co-designing with Albertans & PartnersEnsure Albertans and partners are central to all work
Work virtually AND in person (where and when we can)
Follow an iterative co-design process to ensure all people have equal stake in design, decision-making, delivery, and evaluation
Provide ways for people to engage with each other, communicate, be creative, share insights, and test-out ideas
Consulting with Diverse PartiesGather information and feedback from various points of view to make informed decisions
Listening to OthersValue diversity, inclusiveness, acceptance, awareness and noticing
Value open and transparent communication and collaboration
Creativity and InnovationEncourage transformation to ensure we all have better experiences in health care
Seek opportunities and take initiative
Value reflection and learning, playfulness and fun
Let go of control and value efforts and mistakes
Be flexible and adaptable
Building on Strengths and Dreams as Peers & EqualsInteract with others as peers
Focus on strengths
Be appreciative; care for self and others
Using Consensus Decision-MakingSeek consensus in all decision-making. When the work is generally 80% correct, and not specifically wrong, a decision will be considered made
Leveraging Partnerships & Existing ResourcesNo one organization, group, or community will achieve the aims of iKNOW Health alone
Build collaborative partnerships to increase awareness, involvement and engagement in iKNOW Health
Ensuring Diverse Membership on the Task ForceEnsure at least ½ of our Task Force members are volunteers with lived health experiences
Ensure volunteers actively participate in the Task Force and working groups  
Task Force members include, but are not exclusive to, IMAGINE Citizens, AHS, the SCNs, Patient & Family Advisors and individuals from community-based organizations/groups assisting with the work such as ActionDignity