iKNOW Health – Project Phases

Phase 1: Healthcare 101

In January 2017, about 50 citizens with lived experience from across Alberta were the first to contribute their ideas for what should be included in Healthcare 101 and how information should be developed. Phase One, Healthcare 101: Healthcare Basics for Albertans was delivered in June 2018 from the contributions of over 250 people from across Alberta. What we did and learned: Phase One of Healthcare 101 resulted in Healthcare Basics for Albertans published on MyHealth.Alberta.ca. Further background information about Healthcare 101 can be found on MyHealth Alberta. Meet our Phase One Partners! Communications early web and graphic support and video design acknowledgements to Alberta Health Services User Experience and Communications teams, with thanks to University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business (Sameer Deshpande’s classes) and AHS summer student Bobbi Shewchuk.

Phase 2: iKNOW Health

Members of IMAGINE Citizens, the SCNs, and Innovation, Impact and Evidence within Alberta Health Services are the lead partners in the Phase 2 of Healthcare 101: iKNOW Health. A project manager has been hired until Fall 2021. What our projects in Phase Two are building:
Community Partnerships for Health LiteracyGoal: Social and tech innovations to build health literacy to support independent* navigation and advocacy.
•Partner with community organizations/ groups to co-design innovative resources, tools and sharing processes.
•Hold Market Engagement Day to learn about tech innovations and match innovations with community partners.
•Connect partner-developed resources with tech innovations, where possible.
•Use an interactive, iterative approach to test new resources, tools, and tech with partner organizations/groups. Through testing collect data about value.
•Identify high-value resources, tools, and tech, and identify ways to move these into partners’ (including AHS’) operations.
Navigation & Advocacy “Deep Dive”Goal: Identify opportunities for innovation to support independent* navigation and advocacy.
•Analyze data with people:
•What can we learn about how people navigate and advocate for themselves?
•Where are the opportunities for innovation?
•Hold Design Day with people, designers and innovators: What innovations can we co-design?
•Co-design, trial, evaluate, and identify value of innovations, and determine next steps.
Note: Understand what elements from the Machine Learning proposal work from 2019 could be incorporated into Project B.
Albertans, but especially Alberta Health Services (AHS) and other health organizations’ attention is fully consumed on COVID-19 responses. Our project manager is keeping all stakeholders apprised of how the next phase of work is progressing, and system partners are contributing fully as pandemic stressors allow them. See IMAGINE’s statement on COVID-19 here