Help us sharpen our focus on IMAGINE’s core goals

By Judy Birdsell

We are often asked: What makes IMAGINE unique? To provide a clear answer to the question, we have crafted a simple statement that we call a value proposition.

We want the statement to be concise – a sort of 30-second elevator speech for people who are just learning about us. What do you think? Does it capture the essence of what we are and what we’re trying to achieve?

We invite you to offer your suggestions. Does this statement speak to you? What questions does it leave? Let us know by either commenting on this post in the field below, or – if you have more to say – writing an email to

Here is our draft value proposition:

We work to make you an equal partner in your health care.

IMAGINE Citizens is committed to making you, as a citizen, an equal partner in your own health and health care, and in improvements to our health-care system.   

We are a trusted, independent voice creating a movement of like-minded citizens and diverse communities from every corner of the province to drive change, innovation and integration of health services. We believe such change must come from outside the existing system. We will work with other organizations and government agencies, but only when their values and goals align with that of our members.

We believe that health care isn’t just the treatment you receive from health professionals. It is also the community you live in, the people who surround you, and your relationship with family and friends. For that reason, the right social supports can enhance Albertans’ mental and physical health.

Our network extends well beyond the traditional health-care system. And our recommendations are based on evidence, including experience as users of the health-care system, and as health-care planners and providers.

As a new (at least in the formal sense) society, it is very important to sharpen our focus through the value statement. The Board will be refreshing the Vision, Mission and Values statement over the next three months, and we value your thoughts!

Before I close, I’d like to introduce the IMAGINE Citizens board members – they are Judy Birdsell (Calgary, Chair), Charlie Fischer (Calgary, Vice-Chair), Annamarie Fuchs (Blackfalds), David Price (Acme), David Ramsey (Edmonton), Leslie Ayre-Jaschke (Peace River), Linda Kolewaski (Cold Lake) and Alana Kitchen (Calgary).  I’ll tell you more about them in the next newsletter.

Happy summer!

About the Author

Judy Birdsell is Chair of IMAGINE Citizens Board of Directors, and principal of On Management Health Group, a company that consults across Canada on organizing and policy in health care, health-care research and the voluntary sector.