Healthcare 101

Last year, IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health and our partners saw a need to build an introduction course for Albertans to help us all to understand our complex healthcare system. Healthcare 101 aims to help Albertans experience healthcare in a more positive way. The free online course will provide information and tools designed to educate Albertans about a range of topics such as finding a family doctor, accessing services, and what prescriptions are funded by the province.

Currently, patients and family members, Patient and Family Advisors and a Patient and Community Engagement Researcher in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), Strategy for Patient Orientated Research (SPOR) and Ward of the 21 Century (W21C) are all working with IMAGINE to contribute to the project.

The Healthcare 101 team will co-design content that is relevant and meaningful to Alberta citizens to help inform them on how the healthcare ecosystem works. The project will engage Albertans and support their understanding and involvement in interacting within the healthcare system to provide education and information that meets their needs. The plan is to have content ready by May 31, 2017.