Healthcare 101 Project

Volunteer Opportunities:

Healthcare 101


This primer in Alberta’s health-care system began as a concept in late 2015. The first of four modules – Healthcare Basics for Albertans – will be launched this spring on MyHealth Alberta. IMAGINE is seeking people to explore this information further, either through web or in-person discussions, or who can provide input on how to improve this content.


  • LEARNERS/TEACHERS – These volunteers will teach out to stakeholders who wish to receive the content in person. They will present the information about Healthcare 101 in individual or group settings, or via webinar; develop sessions (potentially webinars) that could be delivered in small community settings; and, target sessions with primary care networks and youth, ethno-cultural, indigenous and geographic communities.
  • CONTRIBUTORS – These people will improve the developed content or help ensure that future content is refreshed and created on a defined schedule with MyHealth Alberta and other partners.
  • PROMOTERS – Participants in social media will ensure an ongoing citizen voice remains part of public discourse. This requires participation with other IMAGINE committees (e.g., Communications working group).
  • EVALUATORS – This volunteers will understand and communicate how the Healthcare Basics for Albertans module and future modules are making a difference in Albertans’ lives.
  • COORDINATOR/MENTOR(S) – These people will ensure that the many people involved are kept up to date on progress, requests, and that scheduled IMAGINE activities related to Healthcare 101 receive timely information. Visual, in person, web, print, video communications are required. You will work with the task force and project leads as required on the overall philosophy, approach and growth. The goal is increased skill development of IMAGINE members working on Healthcare 101 activities.
  • WRITER – These people update progress of projects for IMAGINE’s website regularly, in conjunction with the communication team.
  • SOCIAL ENTERPRISE development. (in conjunction with other IMAGINE committees/students)
  • LEADERS – on Task Force or content team
  • CONNECTORS – These people will promote IMAGINE and Healthcare 101 within your own, IMAGINE’s and individual citizen networks to enable inclusion of HC101 content into Grade 11 AB Education Community and Life Management (CALM) curriculum. 

Experience and/or Eligibility

  • A strong passion to work towards the Healthcare 101 series developing to its full vision
  • Experiences as applicable to the opportunity (not all required)
    • Delivering educational materials to adults
    • Creating health materials using health literacy principles
    • Willingness to contribute your own experiences to inform and guide development of content
    • Comfort and respectful use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
    • Comfort with emailing or phoning people whom you haven’t met.
    • Enjoy interacting with people, and being a go-to person for other IMAGINE members who are looking for information or support
    • Basic understanding of Alberta’s health-care system. Patience is an asset
    • Completion of an orientation to IMAGINE
    • Commitment times vary from 4-6 hours per month to 8-10+ hours per week, depending on the opportunity and the time you have to offer
  • Flexibility
  • Desire to share what you’ve learned along the way, and to learn from others
  • Leadership qualities or experience, in any walk of life, is an asset

Volunteers Required

Multiple, as resources and requests develop. Priorities will change as resources ebb/flow.


You may live anywhere in Alberta; teleconferences will be available for communication. The development work relies heavily on computer based materials at this time. Having your own phone plan to call in the province is an asset.


IMAGINE: Citizens Collaborating for Health

IMAGINE is a citizen-led initiative. We focus on engaging Albertans (including patients, families and health-care professionals) to work together to design an integrated, person-centered system that achieves the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients.


Expenses related for travel, parking and meals may be reimbursed. Pre-approval is required.


Open until filled. Ongoing.

Contact & RSVP:

If you are interested in this opportunity and have not signed up to volunteer with IMAGINE, visit our IMAGINE Volunteers page and indicate your interest in this opportunity on the sign-up form.

If you’re already signed up as a volunteer, please contact us.

Troy Stooke: member IMAGINE, volunteering as co-chair of Healthcare 101