How is IMAGINE different from existing not for profit groups focused on health?

Many groups play an important role in Alberta, especially in key areas of health.  IMAGINE’s focus is to inspire, enable and support broad citizen involvement. We don’t intend to replace any not-for profit group, however believe there is the opportunity to work together and learn from each other on common issues, by doing so we believe that better progress can be made faster and sustained long-term.

I work as a health care provider, can I still join IMAGINE?

Of course! We want to collaborate with all citizens, sign up yourself and refer anyone you think might be interested.

I have an event/initiative which I would like IMAGINE to support, where do I submit my request?

Please fill out our contact form or email info@imaginecitizens.ca and we will be in touch.

How is IMAGINE citizens funded?

There are currently two key groups who have supported us with funding to keep us driving towards our vision, they’ve aligned with our values, and support an independent citizen voice in Alberta. There are others interested in supporting with funding or in-kind support. We assess each initiative to maintain collaborative work and progress, without compromising our independence.

Your question doesn’t appear here? email us at info@imaginecitizens.ca.