Collaboration for Change

IMAGINE Citizens joined the Collaboration for Change Initiative (CCI) in 2016. CCI is a coalition of organizations in Alberta that are committed to improving primary health care through dialogue, mutual exploration, and citizen-centred action.

The Coalition has been guided by the vision of the Patient’s Medical Home[*] in which healthcare is oriented and centred around the patient and their journey through the healthcare system. IMAGINE Citizens believes that reforming Primary Health Care in Alberta (community-based care) is a critical step in creating an integrated person-centred health system.

The coalition is organizing, facilitating, and implementing innovative ways to enhance citizen and patient engagement. In so doing, we are helping to co-design and build the foundations to support primary care reform that will improve health care delivery and services.

The coalition is represented by members belonging to:

  • Alberta College of Family Physicians
  • Alberta Health Services – Primary Health Care Division
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta
  • IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health
  • Government of Alberta – Alberta Culture, Community Development Unit
  • Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta

How does CCI work?

CCI helps the staff in Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and primary care settings to engage with patients and community members in meaningful ways for the purposes of co-design. To do this, we use tools such as empathy mapping, listening campaigns, and facilitated methods to unearth assumptions and core beliefs. Similar approaches are used with patient representatives to orient and prepare them for engagement. Approaches are flexible and customized based on the local needs and context.

October 2016 to May 2017: Accomplishments

  • Leadership engagement with the East Calgary Family Care Clinic (ECFCC), our first pilot site, began October 2016.
    • Vision, principles, and underlying assumptions have been explored through all-staff engagement forums.
    • Empathy mapping is helping understand what our patients see, do, feel and say as they interact with us.
    • An “All Ears” listening campaign is underway to hear directly from patients about their experience and needs with our clinic and the health system, and to truly understand the challenges they are facing.
    • We have recruited and prepared patients to engage with our team in our first collaborative planning process.
  • Sylvan Lake Health Centre approached CCI to explore a CCI approach for a co-design and patient-engagement model around office redesign.
  • Foothills PCN (Calgary) wants to explore how the CCI approach to patient and citizen engagement can be implemented in their PCN.

This initiative is currently on hold due to the pandemic.

[*] The Patient’s Medical Home, as defined by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, is “a family practice defined by its patients as the place they feel most comfortable – most at home – to present and discuss their personal and family health and medical concerns.”