Co-design Opportunity with Uppercut & ultrasounds


Insight into women’s ultrasound experiences.


We are a results-driven digital product design and development studio passionate about healthcare.

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Goal Learn about women’s current behaviours after an ultrasound.
What will you be doing? Interview with participant following a pregnancy ultrasound appointment to understand their experiences.
What will the output be? Qualitative data that will inform our problem definition.
Time, location, equipment requirements 30-minute interview in Calgary. The location will be determined based on the location of the appointment.
Expenses/incentive Travel expenses will be reimbursed plus a $20 gift card in thanks for your participation.
Preparation, pre/post work No preparation required.
Number of patient partners 6 – 8
Criteria for patient partners
  • You must have an upcoming fetal ultrasound appointment.
  • You have a computer or smartphone with internet access.
  • Located in Calgary or surrounding area.
Number of healthcare provider partners N/A
Criteria for healthcare provider partners N/A
Number of other partners N/A
Criteria for other partners N/A
Proposed dates Feb 19 – Mar 31, 2018

Contact & RSVP:

If you are interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions please contact us.