Co-design Opportunity with Mikata Health


Concepting workshop for chat app to manage concerns and appointments


Transform the experience of going to the doctor with tools that help clinics streamline their day and focus on patients.

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Goal Co-create features for chat-based app (based on predefined use cases)
What will you be doing? Brainstorming workshop with patients, doctors, and Mikata Health team to come up with ideas for features.
What will the output be? Sketches, rough ideas for app features
Time, location, equipment requirements Half-day, on-site workshop. Large workshop space with tables and chairs for groups to work at. Paper, post-its, sharpies, pens. Printing.
Expenses/incentive Travel/parking expenses reimbursed, refreshments and lunch provided.
Preparation, pre/post work No prep needed, workshop activities will be planned and facilitated by Mikata Health.
Number of patient partners 4 to 5
Criteria for patient partners
  • Engage with primary care regularly (i.e, visited family doctor ≥3 times in the last 12 months)
  • Own and use a smartphone
  • Open to using digital tools to manage healthcare
Number of healthcare provider partners 4 to 5
Criteria for healthcare provider partners
  • Physician/clinic partners, primary care setting,
  • Open to using digital tools to manage the clinic and deliver healthcare.
Number of other partners N/A
Criteria for other partners N/A
Proposed dates Half-day workshop TBD

Contact & RSVP:

If you are interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions please contact us.