Co-Design Opportunity with HAnalytics Solutions


User feedback to the design of a Patient health analytical mobile application


“We’re here to make patient treatments more effective so they can get back to enjoying what’s important to them”

Our application allows a person to track and connect treatment plans, improve patient health awareness, and provide your practitioner with concise symptom and treatment information.

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Goal Co-create improvements to the user interface (UI) to reduce friction with data entry and report layout.

Co-create the report layout. The report is used to tell your health story.

What will you be doing?
  • Validate the problem is common in patient/healthcare practitioner interaction.
  • Request feedback on our solution and if it provides more value then current methods.
  • Identify friction points with user experience of the application.

Our ask: Attend one of two workshops and possibly participate in a 30 day trial.

What will the output be?
  • Sketches, rough ideas for UI redesign.
  • New or modification to functionality.
  • Feedback on the report layout and content.
Time, location, equipment requirements Workshop 1: Half-day, on-site workshop in Calgary. Large workshop space with tables, chairs and projector with computer hook up.

Workshop 2: Similar to #1 but in a rural community.

Trial: 30 day trial of using the application with data entry 3+/week and minimum 1 report generation. Two, one-hour in-person feedback sessions or by phone.  

Expenses/incentive Travel/parking expenses reimbursed, refreshments and a $20 gift card will be provided.
Preparation, pre/post work No prep needed, workshop activities will be planned and facilitated by HAnalytics Solutions.
Number of patient partners Workshop 1: 4-6 partners.

Workshop 2: 4-6 partners.

Trial 1: 5-10 partners selected from the workshops participants.  

Criteria for patient partners Our aim is to empower and improve the treatment of people with chronic disease. The participants should be aware of symptoms and motivated to track their health.


Have moderate to high interactions with healthcare providers (>1 visits per month). We define providers as conventional and complementary practitioners.


Are experiencing a  health condition where they see multiple practitioners to investigate their issue.

Patients’ experiences vary depending on urban or rural access to care. Therefore we would like to have a group from Calgary and possibly a smaller community like Red Deer or Banff.

Number of healthcare provider partners None at this time
Criteria for healthcare provider partners None at this time
Number of other partners N/A
Criteria for other partners N/A
Proposed dates Workshop 1: March 17, 2018

Workshop 2: TBD

Trial: Start between March 26th – March 29th. The trial will be 30 days.

Contact & RSVP:

If you are interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions please contact us.