Charlie’s interview on CBC News

Last Friday IMAGINE co-chair Charlie Fischer was interviewed by CBC’s Judy Aldous.
The interview was initiated as part of a discussion about how Alberta Health Services (AHS) is searching for their seventh CEO in 8 years. As the former CEO of Nexen, Charlie has experience managing large organizations and he has also had experience dealing with Alberta’s health care system.  It was these experiences that led Charlie to join forces with other concerned Albertans to launch IMAGINE.

Charlie Fischer on CBC News

Highlights from the interview:

  • Charlie talks about the appointment of a new CEO being an opportunity to implement broad foundational changes that are needed and about how many changes probably aren’t health care issues but are really change management issues.
  • He points out that AHS is only a portion of our health care system – AHS is 99 institutions; it is not primary care, it is not long term care, it is not other health care providers. It is just 99 institutions.


“The culture needs to be built around improving patient experience and patient outcomes.”


“You have to have the strategy, you have to know what your priorities are, so that when you have to make decisions about what to do and what not to do you make the right choices.”


“I am always optimistic. We [IMAGINE] have been working with many health care provider groups, with the government, with AHS. We have talked to primary care and with other professionals in the health care system. I think everyone knows that things have to change. What we need to do is find mechanisms to bring all of the these people together and to talk about what we need to create in Alberta using technology that is available so we can have electronic medical records that are available to both health care providers and the patients. We need to engage patients in those discussions, and we need to define where we are going, if we know where we are going we will find ways to get there.”