Imagine Newsletter Volume XXIII

My Piece of the COVID Puzzle: A Poem for the Times
Composed by Jacqui Lynn Fidlar, Mezzo-Soprano and Actor, IMAGINE Citizens Member

Where do I fit into this COVID puzzle?
Where do you?
Are we scared; are we blue?
Time creeps and reels inexorably
Towards a distant horizon,
Recognizing neither passion nor
Responsibility amid the erosion
Of Life_ As_ We_ Know_ It…
But Come! We can Do a Thing here,
Cause a Spark there;
And if the Act of Wringing your Hands
In Wrath, Worry or Despair
Has caused new muscles to emerge-
Engage Them! But Beware:
Hands Washed in Error or hurry
May cause those Bugs to scurry!
Their methods are cagey and slick:
They’ll burst on the Scene, Savage and Quick! Rushing from hand to eye to mouth
To doorknob to hand….
To mouth…to eye… (pausa)
So! Whenever you Step Up to the Sink
To rid yourself of microscopic Foes,
Please Remember your Healthy Marching Orders:
Using soap and water aplenty
Scrub those hands for a count of Twenty
Singing that Birthday Song can be an Aid
Or listing the Artists who sang in ‘BandAid’;
Or sing your favourite Nursery Rhymes
Or count it backwards in German “…drei, zwei, eins!
However you time it, it’s lovely to linger
And work up a lather ’twixt each and every finger…
And now to the Rinse! It’s JUST as essential
To Banish ALL motes; Destroy their Potential to
Hurt, or to sicken your Family, friends, neighbours…
So double your efforts; there’s LIFE in your Labours!
And then when you dry off your beautiful hands
Remember it’s YOU and Yours Saving our Lands!
We hope you’ll consider the message you’ve learned,
And always remember:


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IMAGINE News – Volume XXII

Welcome to the most recent edition of the IMAGINE newsletter. 

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