Making Connections and Building Momentum: A Calgary Networking Event

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Are you interested in what’s happening with healthcare in Alberta? At IMAGINE, we’re not only interested, but actively working to improve it.

Would you like to be part of the conversation? Your voice matters to us. IMAGINE is always looking for ways to involve more Albertans in the discussion.

We invite you to join us for an interactive information session and discussion over lunch on Saturday, April 28.

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Healthcare 101’s first module: My Healthcare System

We are thrilled to announce that Healthcare 101 soft launched on October 30th, 2017 at the Dream It, Achieve It Together -Quality and Safety Summit 2017!

Patty Wickson, Healthcare 101’s project manager, invited visitors to the Strategic Clinical Network’s™ booth at this year’s Quality and Safety Summit to view My Healthcare System on her iPad and distributed flyers and bookmarks about Healthcare 101 that she had prepared for this launch. We were pleased that senior leaders in Alberta Health Services showed interest in the module and in learning more about our concept. Keep reading →

Healthcare 101

Last year, IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health and our partners saw a need to build an introduction course for Albertans to help us all to understand our complex healthcare system. Healthcare 101 aims to help Albertans experience healthcare in a more positive way. Keep reading →

HQCA Launches new online interactive tool

IMAGINE is committed to gathering information and experiences from a variety of sources and sharing that information with Albertans so we can all make informed decisions. Shared knowledge leads to improved patient experience and outcomes and helps us be active partners in our own care. This week the Health Quality Council of Alberta launched the FOCUS (Fostering Open Conversations that Unleash Solutions) online tool aligns with this commitment and gives Albertans access to valuable information. Keep reading →

A People-Centred Alberta Healthcare System

The World Health Organization has defined people-centred care as:

“an approach to care that consciously adopts the perspectives of individuals, caregivers, families and communities as participants in, and beneficiaries of, trusted health systems that are organized around the comprehensive needs of people rather than individual diseases.”

So what does this mean to Albertans? What is the current experience for Albertans using the healthcare system, and what would a more people-centred system look like?  Keep reading →

A Patient’s Story: Family is waaaay more than a visitor

bt_partnersincareMy brother Greg died on May 19, 2012. Since his death my family has been advocating for constructive, positive change in our health system hoping to prevent other families from going through the loss that we have (if interested see We have heard many stories and have had our own experiences that re-enforce our resolve to encourage improvement in the system in any way we can. One of these experiences is my own. It is difficult to sum up the whole journey in a post that is a reasonable length so I will just share a couple of moments that are related to family presence and the Better Together campaign. Keep reading →

Alberta invests 400 M in Clinical Information System

Have you ever been frustrated when a doctor you were seeing didn’t seem to have all the information he/she needed about your history? The Alberta government has committed $400 million over four years towards a new AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS). Currently, patient health information is stored in more than 1,800 disconnected systems across the province. The provincial clinical information system will consolidate this information to create a comprehensive, single health record and care plan. Keep reading →

Supporting patient engagement in health research: The Alberta Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR)

IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health’s vision is: “A health system that is designed, and care that is delivered, in partnership with citizens, achieving the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients.” One strategy for making progress on our vision is to ensure that more health and health services research is conducted that address priorities identified by citizens and patients, and to provide opportunities for more engagement throughout the research process. Keep reading →

Alberta Depression Research Priority Setting Project

The Alberta Depression Research Priority Setting project invites you to participate in a survey. One in ten Canadians suffer from depression in their lifetime.  Health research is often done without the input of patients and families who live with depression, people who care for those with depression, and health care professionals/clinicians who treat depression. Interested researchers will also be asked to participate in the survey so results can be compared. Keep reading →

Surely we can do better – room for improvement in continuity of health care

Health Quality Council releases new report

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer and see your own health record – to check on test results, see whether referrals have been made, check upcoming appointments. This would be connected to a single electronic health record system in Alberta so that no matter where you are in the province or what provider you see, everyone on your care team has access to the same information. From the perspective of IMAGINE, this access to information is crucial for patients to be active partners and advocates in their own care and to support effective continuity of care. A new report from the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) agrees. Keep reading →