Press Release

Public event on October 3 will inform and engage Albertans on the power of digital health, and its
potential to revolutionize the way patients receive care

Partners in the Power of Information Sharing: Educate, Empower, Engage, a public event hosted by
IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, will introduce
patients to the tools and opportunities available in Alberta’s rapidly expanding digital health landscape,
while learning from patients what other information they would like access to and how.

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You’re invited!

IMAGINE Citizens and the O’Brien Institute invite you to join our one-day long free conference on digital health.   Become informed and give your voice to help shape Alberta’s rapidly expanding digital health landscape.

Held at the Red and White Club in Calgary on Oct 3, 2019, we have three prominent speakers in digital health to guide us through their unique experiences and how accessing our personal information will affect our healthcare experience.

The agenda includes keynote speakers Larry Sylvestre, Shaneel Pathak, and Ewan Affleck, MD in the morning and discussions and conversations around digital health in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided.


Power of Volunteers

Interested in helping at the Partners in the Power of Information Sharing Conference?

Being a volunteer run organization means there are plenty of ways for you to get involved and make new connections:

  • meet people  – there’s no better ice-breaker than manning the welcome desk;
  • use your creativity – roving photographers help capture the essence of the event;
  • attend to detail – set up and take down are our unsung heroes;
  • move conversations – table hosts help others find their voice;
  • technical know-how – increase accessibility to the conference for those not able to travel.

These are just a few of the roles we need help with.


Spotlight On Alana Kitchen

IMAGINE citizen board member organizing the Power of Information Sharing Event

By Nancy Walter 

Our series, Spotlight On, introduces you to the people actively involved with IMAGINE Citizens. This month features Alana Kitchen, a Healthy Buildings Engineer, volunteer event planner for the Partners in the Power of Information Sharing: Educate, Empower, Engage Event on Oct. 3, and active member of IMAGINE since spring 2018 and IMAGINE board member since spring 2019.

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Help us sharpen our focus on IMAGINE’s core goals

By Judy Birdsell

We are often asked: What makes IMAGINE unique? To provide a clear answer to the question, we have crafted a simple statement that we call a value proposition.

We want the statement to be concise – a sort of 30-second elevator speech for people who are just learning about us. What do you think? Does it capture the essence of what we are and what we’re trying to achieve?

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The input of everyday Albertans made a difference

By Nancy Walter

A year ago, IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health completed a project in which we had an in-depth conversation with 28 Albertans over the course of several months on two topics that were top of mind to Alberta Health (government ministry responsible for health). The purpose of the project was to inform future steps as the government considered ways to promote improvements in first line care provided to Albertans in their communities. The advice given by IMAGINE Citizens as a result of this project has had important influence in how we talk about care in the province.

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MyHealth Record

By Nancy Walter

The Government of Alberta has recently launched a new portal that makes it possible for Albertans to access some of our health information online. This is a first important step toward making our complete health record a tool for us to use to ensure our care is seamless and effective.  MyHealth Records is an online secure portal that gives access to health information that is housed in Alberta Netcare.  Netcare is a place where important parts of our health information are stored electronically – sort of like a filing cabinet, only storing electronic copies, not paper.

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Building networks and hearing from Albertans – IMAGINE Citizens 2018 year in review

By Judy Birdsell and Charlie Fischer

Four years ago, the grassroots movement that became IMAGINE Citizens was born with Friday morning meetings at the O’Brien Institute for Health at the University of Calgary involving a small group of people passionate about health and health care. This past year has been one of our busiest. Here is recap of IMAGINE Citizen’s accomplishments throughout 2018.

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How personalizing health systems adds value for citizens

EDITOR’S NOTE: SCAN Health is a partner of IMAGINE Citizens. It is dedicated to advancing health systems to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients through supply chain transformation.

Health systems can become more patient-centred by personalizing their structures, services and care delivery models. These changes enable citizens to be more engaged in decisions about their health and wellness.
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An appeal from someone living with dementia

Editor’s Note: Jim Mann is a person living with a diagnosis of dementia. He is a member of VOICES – a citizen committee that is an important part of the Canada-wide research program called Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC). On June 13, 2018, the whole TREC team spent at day in Edmonton. The group included researchers from across Canada, the U.S. and Sweden; policy-makers; research staff, leaders in long-term care facilities;
citizens with a diagnosis of dementia; and caregivers. The purpose of the day was to enhance the engagement of people affected by the disease in all aspects of research. Jim Mann told his story.

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Edmonton citizens connect with IMAGINE Citizens

By Stephanie Montesanti and Alexandra Harrison

On June 14, IMAGINE Citizens hosted an energetic networking event at the
Edmonton Intercultural Centre. It was an opportunity to connect with colleagues
and make new friends. About 20 participants from diverse backgrounds
joined half a dozen IMAGINE Citizens volunteers for an evening of conversation
and making connections.

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