Brightsquid Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity

Co-design Opportunity with BrightSquid

How can our app help you access primary care?


Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp helps healthcare practitioners share patient information more quickly and easily. Using our system clinics can include patients in all conversations about their health while also answering patient questions and concerns without requiring an office visit or aligning schedules for a phone call. We want to know how you as a patient want to collect, organize, and distribute that information so that you can gain control of your healthcare.

Experience and/or Eligibility

  • Have more than one healthcare provider (GP + 1) that you see at least twice a year
  • Use email (mobile or otherwise)
  • Interested in having more control over, or visibility into, the management of your own care

Volunteers Required

10 – 15


The session will take approximately 45 minutes, and we’ll schedule it at your convenience (e.g., nights and weekends are ok, if that’s what works for you!). You’ll need a computer with internet access to attend.
You may live anywhere in Alberta; internet video conference will be used to host the session (i.e., Skype).


Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.

Brightsquid is a digital health communications provider based in Calgary, Alberta. We believe that over the next five years, digital care coordination software will do more to advance patient health than any single drug or medical device. We’re connecting the entire care team to accelerate care and create efficiencies in the system that help patients get healthy sooner and actually save the system money.


Reimbursement of expenses related to travel, parking, meals, etc.


Open until filled.

Contact & RSVP

If you are interested in this opportunity and have not yet joined Citizens for Digital Health platform, please fill in our sign-up form.

If you’re already signed up with Citizens for Digital Health, please contact us.