Alberta Depression Research Priority Setting Project

The Alberta Depression Research Priority Setting project invites you to participate in a survey. One in ten Canadians suffer from depression in their lifetime.  Health research is often done without the input of patients and families who live with depression, people who care for those with depression, and health care professionals/clinicians who treat depression. Interested researchers will also be asked to participate in the survey so results can be compared.

The research team believes that the voices of those with depression experience can make a difference in depression research and therefore we want to hear from you. By completing the survey, you provide valuable information that can influence those who conduct and fund research. The survey is voluntary, anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked for your name, and any information you provide will not be connected to any personal identifying records. This survey was created in Snap Survey software and is securely housed on the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions server.  By clicking on the following link you consent to completing the survey.

Alberta Depression Survey

Thank you for making a difference.