imagine project_SMA forum on January 22, 2015 brought together ideas around a common purpose – Alberta’s health care system needs to be more patient centred and that fundamental transformation is needed. The forum was designed to create initial engagement in this idea and vision.

Focusing on a healthcare culture where people come first, the forum was a catalyst for Albertans to imagine a different kind of healthcare system for our province.

Since this forum, IMAGINE has taken significant strides, and we are proud to present highlights of our accomplishments.

We are grateful for the support and participation of the many Albertans who have been involved along the way.

There was a common emotion – “We can do better in Alberta in improving the experience of health care, and the quality, safety and outcomes of our care”.

It established momentum – a call to move to action where collaboration was seen as the only way that we can all bring about these changes. We need to create a health care system. We need to create or recreate a culture of caring that is centred on the patient across the whole continuum of care in Alberta. The patient is why the health care system exists. There are fixable solutions that can improve the experiences of care for patients/citizens but also ones that improve the safety, quality and outcomes of care.

We can create this kind of system and culture if we work together – collaborate  – patients/families/citizens of Alberta working in partnership with health providers, leaders, policy makers, planners.