Our Strategies & Actions


Expand and enrich citizen participation

Connect and work together with interested individuals and citizen groups from across the
province to create a collective voice that shapes our health system and drives change.

• Inviting participation and providing orientation
• Creating a database of citizens to participate in health care initiatives
• Building a network of citizen leaders and citizen/patient groups

Focus on health outcomes that matter to Albertans

Identify, assess and report back on the outcomes that matter most to citizens.
• Reaching out and listening to what matters to Albertans
• Agreeing on a list of outcomes that matters most
• Working with health care partners to assess progress and report back

Learn from research and experience

Gather and share information that leads to improved patient experience and
outcomes and helps us be active partners in our own care.

• Providing citizens with one stop access to useful information
• Using Albertans’ health care experiences to inform health system decisions
• Commissioning scientific studies that provide evidence for system change

Work in partnership with our health system

Collaborate with health system stakeholders to drive system and culture change.
• Engaging with health related organizations on projects of mutual interest
• Building a network of health system stakeholders to move change forward