HC 101 Modules

The Content Support team (public members and health-care providers) organized resources, themes and services using the four areas of the Alberta Quality Matrix for Health:

  • Being Healthy
  • Getting Better
  • Living with Illness or Disability
  • End of Life

The teams met every week for two months with a writer to develop the content, and then MyHealth.Alberta staff worked with the writer to finalize the content. Our public members remained involved to review the health literacy edits and eliminate medical jargon as much as possible. In the next phase, the module will be moved to MyHealth.Alberta.ca.

The first module, Healthcare Basics for Albertans, was redesigned based on feedback from citizens, web-user experience professionals and designers, and can now be found at MyHealth Alberta. Use the contact us link to tell us what you think after you review the sections.

The second module being built is called Finding My Way.

The four modules will include: