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Public event on October 3 will inform and engage Albertans on the power of digital health, and its
potential to revolutionize the way patients receive care

Partners in the Power of Information Sharing: Educate, Empower, Engage, a public event hosted by
IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, will introduce
patients to the tools and opportunities available in Alberta’s rapidly expanding digital health landscape,
while learning from patients what other information they would like access to and how.

“Banking, shopping, education — digital technologies have become engrained in so many aspects of our
lives, but we need more conversation about the role that digital health can, and should, have in our
individual health journeys,” says Judy Birdsell, conference organizer and IMAGINE Chair.

The majority of Canadians want the opportunity to manage their health online, according to polling from
the Canadian Medical Association, and new technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities to
empower citizens in taking charge of their own health.
A number of initiatives are focused on advancing digital health in Alberta. This year, for example, Alberta
Health launched MyHealth Records, a personal health portal that allows Albertans to access to some of
their personal health information. Meanwhile, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working to implement
Connect Care, a digital system intended to bring all of the patient records provided in AHS facilities into
one linked digital record. In addition to accessing data, there are many digital tools being developed to
support Albertans’ management of their health.

The information that can be stored, shared and tracked through digital platforms and tools, can not only
provide badly needed access by patients to things such as test results, prescriptions and medical
conditions, but can be crucial in providing safe and timely treatment. A patient’s health record, for
example, may be the only connecting thread between all of their interactions in the very complicated
landscape that is the healthcare system, says O’Brien Institute Scientific Director Dr. William Ghali, MD.

“Health care is really complicated and it is complicated because our care generates an incredible
amount of data that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and ultimately patients need to access readily and
easily to advance their health,” he says.

The event will feature patients, health care providers and digital health specialists such as keynote
speaker Larry Sylvestre, president of X-Tend Consulting, and an expert in how greater information
sharing can enable the potential of Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to transform both
health care and the patient journey.

The October 3 will take place at Calgary’s Red & White Club. See the agenda and register here.

Media contact:
Leslie Allen | IMAGINE Citizens | 403.831.9806

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