HC 101 Content

The Content Support team (public members and healthcare providers) organized resources, themes and services using the 4 areas of Alberta’s Health Quality Matrix:

  • Being Healthy,
  • Getting Better,
  • Living with Illness or Disability,
  • End of Life.

Once the themes were identified the teams met every week for 2 months with the Module 1 writer to develop the content. MyHealth.Alberta staff then worked with the writer to finalize the content. Our public members continued to be involved to review the health literacy edits and to reduce medical jargon as much as possible. The next phase of the work includes moving the module to MyHealth.Alberta.ca. This will streamline the format and allow the information to be included with the rest of the information on the MyHealth.Alberta website.

The first module is ready for you to see. Your feedback will help make it even better. It’ll take about 30 minutes to go through all the sections. Use the feedback link to tell us what you think.

In January 2017, Albertans and healthcare staff on the Content Support team suggested some content for the 3 future modules. A lot of work has been noted as important.

The 4 modules will include information as follows: