Welcome to Healthcare 101 (HC101)

This information will help us, as people who live in Alberta, understand our healthcare system. The idea originally came from Albertans, patients, and family members who partner with healthcare providers and want to feel more prepared when deciding to be a volunteer working to improve the health system.

This first module will help us learn about different healthcare features so that we can talk about our own health better.

Free, online information has been designed to help people learn about what Albertans have said is important. Interested volunteers are helping to create these modules. Here are the 4 themes:

Module 1: My Healthcare – Putting a very complex group of organizations into perspective so that you can see your place within our system. This first module will help you learn about different healthcare features so that you can talk about your own health better.

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Module 2: Finding My Way – Helping me find what I need – navigating the health system

Module 3: Being my own advocate – Speaking up for my own healthcare and how I experience healthcare.

Module 4: My rights – Knowing that I do have healthcare rights and learning what areas of my health I am responsible for.

What are the Benefits of Healthcare 101?

  • Helps you experience the healthcare system in a more prepared way.
  • Supports you to understand and be involved in taking an active role with the health care system.
  • Provides education and information that meets your needs as an Albertan.

Why Healthcare 101?

Citizens’ advice on building first Healthcare 101 module:

From a person who’s been homeless:

Start with being VERY careful about your language on the website and be caring. Speak to us right up front and SHOW us that you care.”


From a healthcare provider:

“I think that if more people understood how Alberta Health Services fits in with the provincial government, they would have an understanding of the immense pressures we are facing and better allow the public to give their views.”


From someone who’s  experienced  poverty:   

“Every patient needs to be an expert in their own health.”


People who responded on social media to help create the content for Healthcare 101 explain why they’re interested in helping this project:

 “As someone who has a chronic illness and has experienced the health system through many clinics, I bring a unique perspective as a young adult but also want the public to understand the complexity of our health system.“

“As a caregiver of a patient with incurable cancer, I was immersed in the Alberta Healthcare System and decided that I needed to give back but also contribute my thoughts and experiences, so that perhaps things might be better for patients and their families in the future.”